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Check here for assignments missed. Make up work should be mailed to deutsch . If you do not have e-mail access at home, then you may bring in the handwritten assignment. Make sure you do include Umlauts. If your computer does not allow you to use ALT+a three digit code, please write Umlauts the following way:   ä = ae; ö = oe; ü = ue; ß = ss

The ALT+three digit codes are:
Ä = Alt + 142 ä = Alt + 132
Ö = Alt + 153 ö = Alt + 148
Ü = Alt + 154 ü = Alt + 129

ß = Alt + 225

Make-up work is located on

Make-up quizzes and tests will be uploaded here 
Make-up quizzes and test can be taken from 7:20 - 8:00 am daily
At all three lunch shifts
or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15 - 4:00pm


Komm Mit 2 Self Tests Chapter 1-12
Find your chapter and complete the Self Test


For Quia Exercises click on the following link and work from top to bottom. You need to type in your name or log-in as provided to you by your teacher (little strip). The program will score your work automatically. All Grades will be entered into grade book. You may re-take a quiz if you wish to improve your grade. Spelling counts! All quizzes need to be completed--this is your assignment. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade. You may also work on these quizzes at home. Good luck. 
Click on link to complete your quizzes!


For Verb drills go here:

Use assigned log-in name and password. Make sure to follow through on
all instructions and FORWARD activity results to teacher.

















Walking Down the Aisle

Marriage Customs and Marrying a German Citizen

Hochzeit, Trauung, Brauchtum, Lexikon, Heiraten, wedding, Ehe

Viele, viele Links






Rathaus - Standesamt



Würzburg Standesamt - Zeremonie

Kirchliche Trauung

Wedding Clipart Etc.


Wo wohnt Lola?

Lola Rennt Links

"Lola" Trivia

Lola Fan Seite

Lola Scavenger Hunt






Emils Geschichte 

Berliner Adressbuch


Erich Kästner im Web

Der neue Film, Emil und die Detektive




Take the following practice quizzes and games when you have completed the lesson in class. Print out the final score page and put it into your folders where you keep the disks, if applicable. Good luck.