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bs00559_.wmf (10344 bytes) Check here for assignments missed. Make up work should be mailed to deutsch . If you do not have e-mail access at home, then you may bring in the handwritten assignment. Make sure you do include Umlauts. If your computer does not allow you to use ALT+a three digit code, please write Umlauts the following way:   = ae; = oe; = ue; = ss

The ALT+three digit codes are:
= Alt + 142 = Alt + 132
= Alt + 153 = Alt + 148
= Alt + 154 = Alt + 129
= Alt + 225

Make-up work is located on

Make-up quizzes and tests will be uploaded here 
Make-up quizzes and test can be taken from 7:20 - 8:00 am daily
At all three lunch shifts
or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15 - 4:00pm



Komm Mit 1 Self Tests Kapitel 1-12

Komm Mit 2 Self Tests Kapitel 1-12
Find your chapter and complete the Self Test

For Verb drills go here:

to get Umlaut and type regular letter, then hit the button "add accent"

Use assigned log-in name and password. Make sure to follow through on 
all instructions and FORWARD activity results to teacher.
Do activities 1-7 (Review of present tense verbs)






For Quia Exercises click on the following link and work from top to bottom. You need to type in your name or log-in as provided to you by your teacher (little strip). The program will score your work automatically. All Grades will be entered into grade book. You may re-take a quiz if you wish to improve your grade. Spelling counts! All quizzes need to be completed--this is your assignment. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade. You may also work on these quizzes at home. Good luck. 
Click on link to complete your quizzes!



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