German National Honor Society



To qualify for the German National Honor Society, students need to be in third year German, have a GPA of 3.6 or higher in German and a 3.0 or higher overall GPA. Furthermore, good character and willingness to promote German, help with fundraisers and more are necessary.

MVC-536F.jpg (73590 bytes) Clayton Thorne, David D. Steward, Tyler Wright, Becky Spurling

Sarah Brown, Cassie Weister, Melanie Funk, Shawn Skinner

Sonja Hott

Sonja Hott

President of German National Honor Society

Completed German AP and took the National AP Exam in German as the first student ever at HHS

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MVC-886F.jpg (77931 bytes) Sarah Brown

German IV

Sonja Hott, President of National German Honor Society

German AP

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MVC-036F.jpg (76227 bytes) Becky Spurling, Secretary of German National Honor Society

German III

David D. Steward

German III

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MVC-045F.jpg (79243 bytes) Cassie Weister, Treasurer of German National Honor Society

German IV